Geog Camp 2014 – Event to Remember

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I hope you can forgive me for this, hahaha, but there is only one word that I can use to describe today’s events: AMAZING.

That’s because we had the Amazing Race today, which also seems to be the highlight of this whole camp. 😀

Okay, so after the really awesome first day, we were woken up really early today for the morning exercise. Actually, Kat, Ynna, Narryl, and I woke up a bit late today, but we still rushed to the CR to at least freshen up before the day starts. As a matter of fact, I even showered even though we were told not to, because we were really supposed to hurry up. 😀 Haha, whoops, keep that our little secret, okay? I just couldn’t imagine starting the day without freshening myself up first.

Kat and I arrived just in time for the exercise, which was a really fun way to start the day. The exercises started out as your standard exercise routines, until we got to the part where we had to stay in a circle and sit on the lap of the one behind us, while the one in front of us sits on us. And then, we had to continue walking in a circle. Get it? Hahaha. At first, it seemed really hard, but again, like another crazy trust exercise, we just had to put our faith in the other persons that we wouldn’t fall on our butts and it turned out to be quite easy– and really fun, too.

We had our breakfast afterwards, and… well, it was, okay, I guess. Hahaha. Pretty uneventful, I guess. Actually, I don’t remember it much. Hahaha.

Breakfast. Ran, y u look so problematic? Hahaha.

I guess we were being prepped up for the next event, which was the Amazing Race.  😀

And yep, it was super amazing! We had to make use of a compass (well, this IS a Geog camp, haha) and so, we had to rely on our Geography majors to figure out the next destinations for us, but I’m really proud to say that we did a pretty good job with the challenges as a team. <3 Yay! It was super tiring, and a lot of times, we had to lean on one another to cover up for our weaknesses, but the whole Amazing Race taught us the true value of teamwork, and… well, friendship. 🙂

I have to say that the Amazing Race really was the most memorable and most enjoyable part of this whole Camp. 😀 If only I could, I would take Geog 1 over and over again just to experience this camp again, but I’m also proud to say that I enjoyed the moment while it lasted, so I have no regrets. 🙂

Hahaha, ah! I actually have another memorable– but quite painful– experience in this camp. The last challenge required 5 students to enter a man-made “tunnel” where we had to find colored rings buried in the mud. I’m not a very squeamish person so I volunteered, along with my Tour friend, Kwin, and two male classmates who are actually Geog majors, Jerome and Isaac, but the realization kinda dawned on me that there could be worms in that tunnel. You know, worms? Worms, as in those horrible, absolutely terrifying, squirming scourges of the Earth? I swear, worms are the bane of my existence. I am freakin’ scared of worms, and I can’t stress that enough. Hahahaha.

Thank goodness there were no worms, but I found no ring, as well. Huhu. Actually, only Isaac and Kwin found rings. I am such a failure in that game. And they are so cute together. <3 Hihi, they found rings, right? I can almost imagine in, Ice Queen… <3 *hums wedding march*

Ah! Another memorable thing– well, don’t tell him, haha– that happened is that I became friends with this guy named Jerome. Yeaaaaah, don’t ask me why that’s memorable, but… I don’t know, haha, it just is. Maybe it’s because we became friends right after the ring-finding challenge thingy, and I kinda spent the rest of the day with him afterwards. I had a really great time talking with him, and we have so many things in common!

Did you know that he’s also an only child and that his mom is an only child too? Hahaha, cool. =) Actually, I’ve known that from the start of the class, because we had this activity where we had to introduce ourselves and say what was unique about us, and if somebody raised an objection (meaning, they were the same), we had to do some kind of talent in front. And, well, I told the class about how I’m an only child and that my parents are, too, and one guy from my class raised his hand. Dammit, Jerome. Hahaha. But he’s a really great guy. It’s a shame we didn’t become friends earlier, hahaha.

Oh, but, yeah, I was shipping Ice Queen and it just so happens that Jerome and Isaac are close friends, so… hahaha, we kinda shipped Ice Queen together during the War Games, haha. 😀

Speaking of War Games, it wasn’t as fun as the Amazing Race, but it was quite physical and I did have a great time there, too. 😀 Basically, the three teams had to throw water balloons onto one another, hahahaha. There’s a lot more to it than it seems, but it is a bit hard to explain without getting too long-winded.

Anyway, after the Amazing Race and the War Games, we had our lunch and it was finally time for the bath~

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