Geog Camp 2014 – Finale

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(We were asked to make articles for our Magazine project in geog, but since I made this late and I don’t think it’ll reach the deadline, I’ll just put it here instead. Haha! You know I don’t like letting my babies go to waste~)

Before we had embarked on our journey to Kampo Trexo, Cavite, none of us had any idea on what adventures awaited us in the event.

The best thing about this is that we were all pleasantly surprised at the unexpected fun and memorable experiences that we had at the camp. One cannot deny the enjoyment that the weekend had in store for us.

From the funny performances in the Entertainment Night to the wacky challenges in the Amazing Race, everything that we did—and were made to do—at the camp was tiring at worst, and wonderfully memorable at best. Not only did those experiences make us enjoy at the camp, they also instilled in all of us a renewed sense of teamwork and friendship that will surely stay with us throughout our life in the University of the Philippines. And probably even the rest of our lives outside the university.

In the Entertainment Night performance, who can forget our masterful singer whose voice cracked in the middle of the good part of the song? How about the hilarious parody of Kris Aquino and Bimby Aquino’s Zumba Zumba dance?

Let’s also not forget a certain someone’s brave chanting of the parodied version of our university’s mantra… “Matatapang… Matatapang!” Who knew that the so-called “Hun-tirso” Cruz could actually do that chant in the most flamboyant manner possible?

The Geog Camp also managed to set free the brave ones in our class, or perhaps the events of the Amazing Race just forced them to discover their inner lionhearts. Because holding a bottle when side-climbing is hard, it’s certainly an ingenious idea to put it somewhere safer—say, in the inside of our shirts, perhaps? Oh, but for a girl, there’s probably something else there that occupies space, too. Never mind, more support for a leaking bottle is always helpful.

Our race to the top would be incomplete without actually trying to reach the top, and this is proven by our class’s multiple attempts at wall-climbing. It was a very enjoyable experience for most of us, but we also have to take in consideration the ones who have tried… and tried… and tried. Or rather, they tried holding on to the the blue pipe at the side of the wall instead of actually holding to the rocks in order to climb up. It’s alright, at least they tried!

We’ve also proven in the Amazing Race that normal pageants are quite boring, so dress-up pageants are more welcome to the Geography students. Let’s not forget how a mummy managed to make the audience laugh with his witty comeback– literally, comeback– despite the fact that mummy’s aren’t supposed to have brains. Right? And of course, how can we forget about Baymax’s cute appearance at the pageant?

Another unforgettable thing is an important lesson we all learned during the Camp. Don’t forget to eat and sleep, because in the heat of the sun and with all the the energy expended on the required activities, you just might faint! Let us all remember to take care of our health so that we can enjoy more moments together in the future.

Again, these may all seem like small events, but just imagine: In one weekend, we became tribesmen, hunters, pageant contestants, wall-climbers, rappellers, packs, and of course, friends. So many things have happened, and these are all things that will always stay in our hearts and in our minds.

Fun, laughter, teamwork, friendship. All of this makes up what we are now: a team. This is the real beauty of the Geog Camp 2014.

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