Geog Camp 2014 – Sent to Kampo Trexo

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After one stopover and 3 hours of travel, we finally arrived in Kampo Trexo, Cavite.

My first thought upon seeing the place was that it seemed… really inclined to nature. There were trees all around and… oh, you know. Hahaha. It was really, um, natural. šŸ˜€

Also, due to the fact that it’s so near to Tagaytay, the climate was quite cool compared to the blazing heat of Manila. I felt quite happy that I chose to wear a long-sleeved shirt.

Anyway, once we arrived in the camp, Sir told us that there were two things we needed to do.

  1. WIN the competition! (Sir talaga. Hahaha.)
  2. (Most important) Have fun.

We were soon called to the ampitheater and we had a really fun cheering competition and flag-making contest. We were also introduced to the concept of Gardonium, the currency in the camp, which is also named after one of JPGS members and facilitators of the camp, Kuya Gardo, hahaha. The trick is to get as many Gardonia as we can, because that’s what we’re gonna use to buy stuff in the camp. We can gain Gardonium through winning the competitions, and also through collecting Nielium, colored rings that sell for 10 Gardonia each. You can also steal the other team’s flag and have them buy it back for 20 Gardonia.

All I can say is, the concept of Gardonium is quite a brilliant idea for us to get competitive against one another, hahaha.

After the super fun cheering competition, we were given some time to eat and rest up. Kat was having red spots on her face and neck, which we suspect is a reaction to a caterpillar– also known as those terribly irritating higad— and we still had to fix our tent with our other Tour bffs, Ynna and Narryl, so that free time was really, really appreciated. Haha.

I still actually can’t believe how fast we managed to fix the inside of our tent, haha. While the others were busy resting, the four of us were putting bedsheets, fixing our bags, and arranging our things inside that we were all done even before the time was up. šŸ˜€

We were then given time to do some rappelling, wall climbing, and zip-lining. All I can say is… WOW. I really, truly enjoyed these 3. Rappelling, although it was fun, was HELL for me, though, because I was so, so scared. Hahaha! I felt like such an idiot there, screaming my head off as I rappelled, but I was really scared. I just realized that rappelling is some sort of crazy trust exercise where you simply have to trust yourself (or other people) and lay back, not knowing if you’ll fall down or not. My goodness. I must have trust issues or something (hahahaha jk), because no matter how much my classmates kept telling me to lay back (and that I wouldn’t fall down anyway), I just couldn’t. Sobrang buwis-buhay ang rappelling guys. Hahaha.

Unrelated. Ladder climbing? Hahaha.

Wall climbing, on the other hand, was really fun. I actually regret not asking anyone to take a photo of me while I was doing it, haha. It was really, really fun. At least, the going up part. The going down part, which is a lot similar to rappelling, was absolutely terrifying. Hahaha. The guy at the top told me that there’s nothing to worry about, I just had to let go and use my feet to slow me down if I was going too fast. I have problems with letting go, guys, huhu (okay, jk, hahaha). I simply didn’t want to let go of the freakin’ ropes because I was scared that I was gonna hit the ground too fast. Needless to say, I really, really screamed my head off there. Hahaha.

After that, we had our dinner, and again, we were given some time to practice and prepare for the entertainment night!

Afterwards, we had the pageant, and for our class, Miguel, an AIT student, was the representative. Let me be a fan-girl for a few seconds because I just want to add that the contestant for the purple Tucanas was uber hawt.

(Is it obvious that we don’t know each other [and we’ll never know each other] so I have the guts to write that here in my blog? Hahaha!)

Again, it was really, really funny and entertaining, and I absolutely enjoyed!

Because taking a picture with friends… … often results to even MORE friends. Hahaha.

Anyway, that’s it for the first day. Hahaha. We met some new friends from other classes, and that sums up this day pretty nicely. Fun, tiring, but so many new friends and new experiences.

Oh, funny story: Kat and I had gone out to brush our teeth and hang out with other classmates, and when we got back, Narryl’s head was outside of our tent. Yes, just her head. Don’t worry, it was still attached to her body, hahaha, but it was outside, nonetheless. Oh, Narryl. šŸ˜€

Sleep tight til the morning light~

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