Quezon Trip: Pinto Art Museum, Pakil Church, Miracle Pool

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I might have said it before: I love travelling.

I’m not much of a traveller, to be honest. At least, not with friends. With family, sure, but you don’t really get to do whatever you want when you’re with family.

It might seem like such a contradiction, but I love the thought of going on a trip. The longer, the better. And I’m not actually talking about the stay, but more on the travel itself.

I’ve always loved it, although growing up with strict parents restrict the trips you take to school field trips and family trips, the latter of which almost everything is also restricted, as mentioned above.

I swear, every time we go to beaches, my dad limits me to just staying on the sand. I am apparently not allowed to go anywhere near the water itself. Still, I always do! Then he gets distracted and slowly allows me to join him in the water, lol.

School trips are a joy, though, as I can explore my surroundings without getting reprimanded every few seconds or so. I especially love trips that require long rides… as unlike most people, I really enjoy them.

When I was a kid, I never complained during those aforementioned long rides. Being an only child, I usually had the middle section of the car all to myself, so I could practically do whatever I wanted, which usually consisted of reading the books I had with me or just simply cloud-watching. =) I’m a huge fan of clouds and stars, even up to now.

Going on a Quezon trip for Philo class

Last October 18, we went on a field trip to Quezon Province, a place where I’ve never been to in my whole life. So, as you can guess, I was really, really excited. The ride was apparently quite long and it was a new place, so I was completely psyched! Again, I love long rides, and I love new places, so in short, I really like traveling.

I woke up bright and early– oh, well, maybe not so bright, since I woke up at 3AM. I still wasn’t done fixing my stuff and organizing my bag but dad was really trying to make me hurry up. He drove me to Jollibee Philcoa and we got there at around 6AM, where a bunch of my classmates was already waiting.

There were 5 classes that were going on the fieldtrip. 3 of those classes are Philo 1 GEs, while I think 1 is a major class and the other is an elective class. To distinguish students from the five classes, we were required to wear our class color, which is either pink, blue, yellow, violet, and green. We, one of the Philo 10 classes, were the Pink Class, so we had to wear pink.

I sat with Philippe on the bus for our Quezon trip. Well, that’s to be expected, is it? Hahaha. Having your best friend as your classmate warrants an automatic seatmate kind of thing when it comes to trips like this.

Pinto Art Museum, Antipolo

Our first stop was at the Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo Rizal.

It’s a really nice place! Being an art museum, it’s filled with all sorts of paintings and sculptures, which I really enjoyed looking at. We actually took a whole lot of pictures, and we even made some ‘new’ friends.

Philippe and I stayed with two other classmates, Mori and Erick, all throughout our entire stay in the museum. Mori is actually my closest friend from English class, while Erick is one of my two other groupmates in Philo class. You can say that this is our first real bonding moment together outside of the class, and I have to say that it was a nice experience. Hahaha.

St. Peter of Alcantara Church, Pakil Laguna

Afterwards, we stopped by at the Saint Peter of Alcantara Church in Pakil, Laguna. It’s an old Church founded way back in the 1600s.

Before that, we first had our lunch at a Beatles’-themed-restaurant in the same area. The good thing about this trip is that everything is already inclusive, so our meals are already taken care of. I enjoyed the meal, as well. We were kinda in a rush, though, as the other classes had to eat, too. Sadly, not all of us fit in the restaurant as it was quite small.

Miracle Pool

Instead, we went to the so-called Miracle Pool. Apparently, if you dip your body in the pool, it’ll heal any ailment you have. 🙂 It sounds cool, although we couldn’t try it out since we didn’t have any extra clothes with us at that time.

The next few hours are probably the only thing I disliked about this Quezon trip. I’m not saying that it had many awful things about it, but this part of the trip was simply… almost unbearable. Hahaha.

Bumpy ride to Quezon

We were on our way to Quezon Province by the time, and nobody told us that the roads were zigzag, rather than straight. Oh my, my poor tummy.

The TV in the bus was showing One More Time, featuring Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz. Philippe was even teasing me about how similar the movie is to my own life, except he says that I’m Popoy and not Basha, and… oh, whatever Philippe. We kinda fell asleep at this point. Hahaha. The ride was so bumpy and the driver kept slowing down and then speeding up that I was almost on the point of throwing up my lunch! The majority of us seem to have been feeling the same, as almost everyone had already fallen asleep by the time that Phil and I did.

Finally, after a few more hours, we arrived in Quezon! Hooray!

I’ll share more about our Quezon trip in the next post~

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