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Believe me when I say that Geography 1 is my favorite class, because it is. Hahaha.

I may sound a bit sentimental but I love both Philo 1 and Geog 1, simply because it’s the two classes where I feel most bonded with my classes. I know, I know, #kdrama right. Hahaha.

But see, Geog 1 is one of my block subjects, which means that I get to spend those 3 hours a week with my AIT girls. ^^ And of course, we also have other classmates from other colleges, mostly from Geog, I think. Well, obviously. Haha.Anyway, last weekend, we had our field trip– whoops, I mean camp– at Kampo Trexo, Cavite. It was simply awesome. <3 Haha. I’m starting to think that this semester is so awesome that I’m running out of adjectives to describe it. 😀

The geography camp is an annual camp organized by the Junior Philippine Geographic Society (JPGS) of UP Diliman. Their target ‘market’ is usually freshmen students taking up Geography 1 as a GE subject, I think.

But yeah, it was really awesome! It’s not the first time I’ve gone camping; when I was in my sopho year of HS, I went camping with Shawntel and Mia for our Girls Scout club. It was really fun, but it was nothing like this! Back then, it wasn’t strict at all and we just had it in our school, actually, haha, but this time, it’s a real camp with strict rules and guidelines. It was a really fun and memorable experience, to be honest.

So, Saturday, I woke up really early to pack my stuff, since, as with my Philo field trip, I still haven’t packed my bag until the morning of the trip itself. I wasn’t actually excited to go at all. Yes, that is the truth. When we had our Philo trip, I was so excited and everything, but with this one… let’s just say that I surprised my dad by coming out of my room after 30 minutes and declaring, “I’m done packing.” He actually didn’t believe me and even inspected my bag, thinking that I must have forgotten a few things to have finished that fast. Hahaha.

Needless to say, I just didn’t tell him that I simply opened my wardrobe, pulled a few shirts, shorts, and pants and packed them into my bag. Yes, that fast. I don’t think I even thought about the shirts I was pulling. 😀

Since I didn’t rush at all, I was pretty early (what? hahaha) and I actually arrived before the call time. Hahaha, it’s really funny. When I arrived, I was still quite shy to actually go to the AS steps where we were supposed to meet, because I realized just how UN-light my stuff looked. I brought one backpack, one large shopping bag (you know, from SM, hihi. It’s where I put my bedsheet, blanket, and food), and my standard-sized pillow. Meanwhile, all the other people passing by me just had their BACKPACKS. No pillows, no hand-carries. Yeah, just a backpack. I looked at my own bags. “Whatever happened to “pack light”, Ran?!”

It’s a good thing that Kwin and Aisha passed by me, hahaha, or else I would have remained hidden behind the plants in AS if they hadn’t. Hahaha. They told me that I HAD packed lightly, and I was actually wondering what that meant until we got to the steps and I saw Antoinette with her suitcase. Yeah. Her suitcase. 😀 She looked really adorable, too. Hahaha.

Sir Emman was in a really great mood that day, and it was funny how he was being so competitive. In secret, haha. There were 3 classes who were going to camp that day, our class, the red Orions, and two other classes, the purple Tucanas and yellow Cassiopeias. The camp was set out to be some kind of competition between the three classes, and Sir was telling us that we had to win. Hahaha! Jean, one of my classmates, was actually a bit late and Sir was “panicking” because the Cassiopeia class was almost complete as well and he wanted us to be the first class to aboard the bus. Hahaha, yes, he was THAT competitive. 😀

Anyway, after that, we had to go on a long ride to Kampo Trexo. It didn’t actually feel THAT long, because compared to our Philo trip, it simply isn’t that long, hahaha, but it was still pretty… um, you know. There’s this really nice ate from the JPGS org who kept talking throughout the trip, so… hahaha, well, you know it’s really easy to make me laugh, so I was kinda entertained the whole trip with her jokes and funny anecdotes. Meanwhile, my seatmate and Tour bff, Kat, was also telling me about her most recent love escapade (haha, kidding, kidding) so… I was really… really preoccupied throughout the whole trip.

You know, time flies when you’re having fun. Hahaha.

Off to Kampo Trexo~

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