Exploring Coron: Coron City Tour

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So, we’re finally on one of the most beautiful islands in the whole country, and what do we do? Lounge around the hotel, that’s what.

So after a short rest at the Coron Ecolodge, we left immediately at 4PM to go on the city tour.

Remember that all-in package for 7000? That already includes the 3 nights of 2-star accommodation, 4 days of breakfast and lunch, and 3 days of tours. Worth it, isn’t it?

Souvenir Shop

First, we went to a souvenir shop which was pretty near Coron Ecolodge. Just another reason to book this hotel.

They sell a whole range of items, from shirts to displays to waterproof bags to lamps! Seriously, they have a whole variety of items to offer. If you’re looking for a good place to buy souvenir items in Coron, this should be your go-to.

I just bought a shirt for my dad, pasalubong for my friends, and a ref magnet for my collection. I just love, love, love ref magnets, especially souvenir magnets.

Actually, I often jokingly ask my dad if I could have one of our refrigerators just so I could fill the door with ref magnets. One of these days, I’m definitely going to buy my own (no, not ref, I can’t afford that yet!) magnetic board for all my magnets.

Lualhati Park

After ogling all the magnets the store has to offer that, we went to Lualhati Park. We were surprised when we got here because to be honest, it didn’t seem any special, but we did take a couple of shots first.

I think the view here would have been spectacular if only it didn’t rain. The ground was really muddy and there was water everywhere, so it looked more like an abandoned plaza to us than a fun park.

Mount Tapyas

Nevertheless, we moved on the next place, which is Mount Tapyas.

Standing at 210 meters tall, Mount Tapyas is the second tallest mountain in Coron. It towers over the whole town of Busuanga, allowing tourists to get a full view of the entire city. There’s a cross perched right on top of it, with the letters C O R O N. Apparently, it was inspired by the Hollywood sign on Beverly Hills. Pretty cool.

You know what else is cool? That you need to climb 721 steps in order to reach the top. Yes, 721 steps. And I thought Kamay ni Hesus in Laguna was bad. This was one just… well, let’s just say that when we got to the top, my legs were shaking so bad.

The view up top was really great, though. Like I said, you can see the whole city of Coron from Mt. Tapyas. I think it would be a pretty nice site for watching the sunset, as well. It certainly was worth the 721 steps. And to be honest, the climb itself wasn’t really that bad, because the weather was pretty cool.

There’s one more thing that I noticed, by the way. The street lamps are all powered by solar panels! How amazing is that? Nice going there, Coron! If only we could implement that in other provinces, I’m sure it would be a great help.

Maquinit Saltwater Hot Springs

Lastly, we went to my most awaited destination: the Maquinit Saltwater Hot Springs.

I love hot springs so much! They really bring out all the impurities in your skin and make you feel oh so baby smooth afterwards. My friends and I all had a really great time there, taking pictures and enjoying the warmth of the water.

It was heaven for my skin, most definitely.

The not-so-good thing that happened was that I must have stayed too long in the springs, that I actually started feeling light-headed and my heart palpitating. I got out with two other girls, who helped me when my vision actually started turning to violet.

It was so embarrassing but the kuyas there were so nice that they gave me free water to drink. And of course, they scolded me a little for staying in the hot springs longer than my body could take.

After that, we went back to the lodge. Since dinners aren’t covered by the tour package, we went out for dinner. I don’t actually remember what the place we ate to was, but I know that the food there was pretty good, and the place, pretty nice too. What I didn’t like was the price. I paid 150 PHP for one shrimp, sinigang soup, and one piece of barbeque. Call me too frugal or whatever, but I don’t think it was worth the 150 PHP I spent.

So basically, I had a really great day today! When we got back to the Coron Ecolodge Hotel, everyone wanted to drink, so some bought liquor. As I type this, it’s already 2:42 AM, and people are already asleep. Even Kat who has really low tolerance to alcohol is already pooped. I guess that’s my cue to sleep now, too?

Anyway, I am really looking forward to tomorrow! Hope everything goes well!

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