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(Note from 2018: This post was originally dated 2013, when I first created this blog. My sentimental self decided to let it stay for memory’s sake. Hope you like this glimpse of younger me!)


Nein, ich spreche nicht Deutsch. I sure would love to though, someday!

Anyway, my name is Ran. I’m the lone teenager in the house. And by that, I mean I’m an only child, so no screaming and crying kids anywhere. And nobody to take care of either, sadly. 悲しい。I love children! They’re so filled with fun and laughter. They don’t seem to have problems at all and they’re just so innocent to all the evils in this world. Yeah, I kinda wanna live in a perfect world, but that’s not possible, so…

If it’s not yet obvious, I’m a really talkative gal. (本当ですか?!) Well, most of the time. My hobbies are reading, writing, drawing, swimming, and eating! Not to mention blogging. I’ve been blogging online for about 5 years now, since 2008. I actually first started on Tumblr and Yola, then I moved on to Blogger, and now WordPress.  I still keep my old blogs though. I’m a sentimental person. 🙂

I have a thing for learning languages and reading about other cultures. I just love speaking in foreign tongues, although to be honest, I only know English and, of course, my native language. But someday… someday! Someday, I’m gonna learn Japanese and German!

Well, anyway, that’s all for today. Bye bye, stay lovely!

(Note from 2018: Well, that was a good start. From my 2018 self to you, I would just like to say welcome to this blog! And no, I still haven’t learned Japanese and German until now, thanks for asking.)

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